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About Liberty Sports Therapy


Founded following my own broken bones, as part of my practice and philosophy, I strive to both educate and guide towards freedom of movement.  

A Qualified Sports Massage Therapist, I cater to all - Office workers, builders, tennis players, walkers, runners - You name it. Despite the title, we are not here to only cater for athletes but the wider community.

Understanding begins with knowing that Sports Massage is not for sports people alone. Many of us have physically demanding jobs and walk many different lives. With this in mind, I have combined the ability of offering services via a Therapy Room based with Sally Kidd Strength & Conditioning just off the Spine Road between South Cerney and Ashton Keynes. This provides a complete service in the event that you are looking for help from an experienced Personal Trainer to achieve any goals. 

To find out more about Sally, please visit her website:

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